The complex reconstruction of lighting in the village of Horné Lefantovce was already a matter of days. The original public lighting system contained luminaires of various types. These had gradually become morally and technically obsolete. The conventional lighting technology had to be replaced by something newer, better quality and, above all, more economical. The original lighting system consisted mainly of 70 W sodium vapour lamps and LV 136 fluorescent lamps. It was time to replace them with new LED luminaires for public lighting.

The representatives of the municipality of Horné Lefantovce chose the offer of the sales representatives of LED-SOLAR, s.r.o. from a number of offers for LED luminaires on the market. They decided between several model ranges of LED luminaires designed for the illumination of traffic roads, intersections, roads and sidewalks or public spaces. The proven LED luminaires for public lighting from the LED Street SII luminaire model range have an excellent reputation. Tens of thousands of them have been produced so far for public lighting in cities and towns at home and abroad. Complaints about this model range of luminaires are indeed minimal.

Comprehensive reconstruction of public lighting - luminaires

The LED luminaires of the LED Street SII group stand out due to their robust construction. The luminaire body made of aluminium alloy with numerous ribs allows efficient cooling of the LED modules. This significantly extends the lifetime of the LED luminaire and increases its reliability. The quality of the LED Street SII luminaire also lies in the use of top-quality components from renowned world manufacturers. LEDs of the American manufacturer CREE are implemented on high quality aluminium joints. The luminaire's optical system is provided by the use of products from the Finnish company LEDiL, which is a world leader in the manufacture of optical systems for LED luminaires. Electronic ballasts of global brands Tridonic or Mean Well are installed in the LED Street SII luminaires according to the circumstances or customer requirements.


Overall, the comprehensive reconstruction of the municipality's HVAC system has brought several significant benefits. These were reflected in a considerable saving of consumed electricity, which exceeded 50%. The new LED luminaires also mean a reduction in total annual maintenance costs. The new LED public lighting system ensured higher uniformity and intensity of illumination of the illuminated areas. Ultimately, this means greater safety of movement for all road users on municipal roads. Last but not least, we should not forget about crime prevention, which the comprehensive reconstruction of public lighting for the safety of property and citizens of Horní Lefantovce represents.


Horné Lefantovce Municipality