The lighting of the Prešov railway station has required reconstruction for a long time. The original railway luminaires with sodium and mercury lamps have long been morally and technically obsolete. The representatives and executive staff of the Slovak Railways, a.s. relied on progressive products of LED-SOLAR, s.r.o. from Prešov.

Railway lighting

When joining the European Union, the Slovak Republic undertook to transpose technical standards in addition to legislation. In this spirit, the Slovak Railways have proceeded to the European requirements for the lighting of external railway spaces. Some parameters previously used for railway lighting have changed rapidly. The intensity requirements increased by about 500% and the uniformity of the lighting was to rise to twice the values previously used. These changes in regulations would mean a fivefold increase in energy consumption for lighting the railway area when using conventional lighting technologies. The impacts on operating overheads and the environment have forced those responsible to look for railway luminaires that would deliver significant cost savings.

Model series LED Rail

The Prešov company LED-SOLAR has been developing special LED luminaires for a long time, designed for complex lighting of outdoor areas of the railway station. The LED Rail model range includes luminaires for lighting single and double-sided platforms LED Rail Platform, luminaires for LED Rail Line lighting towers, LED Rail Spot directional luminaires, or luminaires for LED Rail lighting masts. The entire model range of LED rail lighting luminaires is designed with the demanding operating conditions of electric traction in mind. The massive housings of the high-performance luminaires not only provide protection for the electronics, but are also sufficiently dimensioned heat sinks for the optical parts. High operating efficiency and reliability of the luminaires are a matter of course.

Reconstruction of railway station lighting

The reconstruction of the railway station lighting in Prešov focused on the replacement of luminaires within the original geometry of the lighting system. It included replacement of open platform lighting, replacement of track lighting on railway poles and fitting of lighting towers with new luminaires.

The reconstruction of the lighting significantly improved the lighting conditions in the railway station area - the uniformity and intensity of lighting increased, the safety at work of employees and the travelling public increased. At the same time, savings in operating overheads and electricity consumption were achieved.


Railways of the Slovak Republic, Bratislava