The lighting of the patients' room in the Ján Adam Reiman University Hospital with Polyclinic in Prešov was one of the components of the modernization of the lighting in selected areas of the institute. On the basis of the agreement between the hospital management and LED - SOLAR, s.r.o., a complex reconstruction of the patient room was carried out in cooperation with the construction company RN-stav, s.r.o..

Patient room lighting - sample installation

New LED lighting was installed in the refurbished rooms in the inpatient part of the trauma surgery department according to the design of the LED - SOLAR design office. The sample installation in terms of light and technical parameters meets all the requirements specified by the current technical standard for hospital lighting. Emphasis was placed on the visual comfort of lying patients. Therefore, LED light panels equipped with a diffuser were used for the basic lighting of the room to avoid glare. The intensity of the light can be continuously adjusted using a controller located on the wall.

Ambient lighting - a modern trend in hospitals

LED ceiling lights were built into the suspended ceiling, which was also set up for the installation of RGB linear lights. These serve to create indirect lighting. A soft coloured glow is thus reflected from the white ceiling and walls. The ambient lighting can again be controlled using a portable remote control. A smooth change of intensity and the possibility to select the colour from the entire visible spectrum is a matter of course. Coloured ambient lighting is the latest trend for hospital lighting and is intended to help increase the overall psychological well-being of patients during their stay in hospital.

The patient room lighting has also been supplemented with other types of LED luminaires. For the night lighting, LED - SOLAR, s.r.o. has produced positionable luminaires integrated into the shelves, which can be switched on and off directly from the beds above which they are installed. Patients can use them for reading and staff can use them at night for check-ups or administering medication. The individual night lighting does not disturb other patients.

Other areas have not been forgotten. Standard LED luminaires were installed in the ceiling of the entrance hallway. The toilet and bathroom were also equipped in the same way.

The sample lighting of the patients' rooms did not only provide the J.A.Reiman University Hospital with a demonstration of modern trends, but also contributed to the overall saving of electricity.


University Hospital with Polyclinic J. A. Reiman, Prešov