The original lighting of the examination room in the traumatology department of the Ján Adam Reiman University Hospital in Prešov has become morally and technically obsolete over the years. The originally installed lamps were not enough to ensure sufficient intensity and uniformity, which according to the valid technical standard the lighting of the surgery should achieve. The old neon luminaires made the work of the doctors and other hospital staff unpleasant with their loud buzzing. The flickering light, in turn, gave a strain to the tired eyes of the serving traumatologists, who could not concentrate fully on their responsible work in such a disturbing environment.

On the basis of the Cooperation Agreement with the University Hospital, LED-SOLAR, s.r.o. provided new LED lighting in the traumatology department as part of the reconstruction. However, it was not just a matter of replacing the original ceiling luminaires with new LED luminaires.

The designers of LED-SOLAR, s.r.o. decided to increase the overall quality of the lighting of a surgery of such importance. They have used their experience in the design of high-performance LED luminaires for output control in industrial production. The luminaires stand out for the high intensity and uniformity of the light emitted and the high colour rendering index (CRI).

LED luminaire for surgery lighting

The actual design of the special luminaire for the examination room lighting was subjected to the requirements of the hospital operation. The LED luminaire consists of three flat slats with installed LEDs. The huge number of LEDs with low power supply currents does not dazzle the patient at the bedside or the doctor. Nevertheless, the overall luminous flux is extremely high. The overall finish of the luminaire was chosen with ease of maintenance and frequent cleaning in mind. The covering polycarbonate, which ensures light diffusion, is made of highly durable and chemically stable material from the renowned BASF company. The high UV stability is essential as the installed germicidal lamp is regularly used in the surgery to disinfect the area. Hygienisation of the outpatient clinic using aggressive cleaning agents is a matter of course.

Two high power LED luminaires were placed above the examination bed, installed on adjustable chain hinges using a support frame on the original ceiling. Practice has shown that the physician does not need to use additional directional luminaire lighting in his practice. The number of light sources and the size of the light area are quite sufficient to provide for every visual task of the doctor in this workplace.

The new lighting of this surgery is an example of the professional approach of the designers and planners of LED-SOLAR, s.r.o.


Ján Adam Reiman University Hospital in Prešov