New LED lighting of the operating theatre brought a comprehensive reconstruction of the operating and other auxiliary areas in the Ján Adam Reiman University Hospital in Prešov. This installation also extended the references of LED - SOLAR, s.r.o. in the Prešov University Hospital, where they already had excellent experience in the modernization of lighting and installation of hospital LED luminaires in the Department of Trauma Surgery.

Requirements for operating theatre lighting

Due to the high lighting intensity of the operating area during surgery, adjacent areas must also be adequately illuminated. The basic lighting of the operating theatre shall illuminate the area at a high intensity, but at the same time shall not, under any circumstances, dazzle the operators and other staff. Large-area LED luminaires with a large number of light sources are therefore well suited for this type of lighting. The emitted light passes through a milky diffuser, which diffuses it evenly into the illuminated space. In addition to the design of the optical part, the placement of the luminaires in the room also has an impact on the uniformity of the light distribution.

In the design of modern LED luminaires for operating theatre lighting, LEDs with a high colour rendering index (CRI) value, which is required by the nature of the visual tasks during surgery, have been used.

Environmental influences

A successful product must cope with the environmental influences and the nature of operating room operations. The demands on the quality of construction and materials used in hospital LED luminaires designed for operating theatres are incredibly high.

One of the priorities is the ability to cope with the chemical impact of the cleaning agents that are used for the regular disinfection of the premises. Therefore, the hospital LED luminaires in LED - SOLAR-i are constructed using highly durable materials. For the diffusers of the luminaires for the operating theatre lighting, chemically resistant materials from the world's top manufacturer - the German company BASF - have been used. These also had to deal with another operating theatre pitfall. In addition to regular cleaning, germicidal emitters are also used for perfect disinfection of the rooms. Ultraviolet radiation has a negative effect on the structure of some materials.

It is the chemical influences and UV radiation that have contributed to the disastrous condition of the tubular luminaires originally used.

The lighting of the operating theatre at the J.A. Reiman Hospital was solved by recessing high-performance low-profile LED luminaires into the smooth ceiling, which brought many advantages, especially in terms of maintenance.


University Hospital with Polyclinic J. A. Reiman, Prešov