The lighting of the outdoor areas of the Beharovce Motorway Administration and Maintenance Centre was comprehensively reconstructed after many years.  At the exit of the Branisko tunnel, a fascinating view of the panorama with the mighty castle hill of Spiš Castle opens up to everyone coming to Spiš from Šariš. The experience is much stronger at night, when the illuminated castle turns into a huge mythical ship floating in the blackness of the endless ocean. For several years now, the colour of this place has been complemented by the vast premises of the Beharovce Motorway Administration and Maintenance Centre, which belongs to the National Motorway Company, a.s.. The lighting of the external areas of the centre required a significant intervention. Modern LED luminaires from a manufacturer in nearby Prešov contributed to the change in lighting.

The night view of this corner of the Spiš region changed radically at the beginning of this year. Even the grounds of the NDS centre in Beharovce began to compete for the interest of passers-by with the historical monument inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List . It was the new LED lighting of the outdoor areas that allowed it to emerge from its previous anonymity.

Outdoor lighting - solution

ENGIE Services, a.s., Košice branch, took the burden of the arduous winter replacement of the luminaires. The workers of this company installed LED Street SII luminaires of LED-SOLAR, s.r.o. in Prešov under difficult conditions in the area of the centre.

The overall solution using the columns of the original lighting system was designed by the design department of LED-SOLAR. After the columns were measured, light-technical calculations were carried out so that the lighting of the premises corresponded to the applicable standards for lighting of outdoor workplaces.

LED luminaires

The LED luminaires of the LED Street SII group stand out due to their robust construction. The luminaire body made of aluminium alloy with numerous ribs allows efficient cooling of the LED modules. This significantly extends the lifetime of the LED luminaire and increases its reliability. The quality of the LED Street SII luminaire also lies in the use of top-quality components from renowned world manufacturers. LEDs of the American manufacturer CREE are implemented on high quality aluminium joints. The luminaire's optical system is provided by the use of products from the Finnish company LEDiL, which is a world leader in the production of optical systems. Depending on the circumstances or customer requirements, electronic ballasts of global brands Tridonic or Mean Wellare installed in LED Street SII luminaires.

The new lighting of the outdoor areas of the premises has brought a significant reduction in electricity consumption, negligible maintenance, a several-fold increase in the intensity and uniformity of lighting of the premises, intersection and access roads. However, we must not forget the magical view of the workplace at night!