Testing of LED luminaires for the lighting of the entrance and exit of the Bôrik tunnel was aimed at determining a number of operational factors in real conditions. Among the most important were energy saving or ensuring appropriate light-technical parameters for road traffic on the D1 motorway.  For this purpose, proven and highly reliable luminaires of the LED Street SII model series of LED-SOLAR, s.r.o. were selected. The place of installation of the new LED lighting system was the eastern portal of the Bôrik tunnel .

The test operation of the new LED luminaires was carried out under the expert supervision of the employees of the National Motorway Company, a.s. from the Centre for Management and Maintenance of Motorways 9 Mengusovce.

Suitability of tunnel entrance and exit lighting solutions

Proper lighting of tunnel entrances and exits is particularly important for the safety of motor vehicle drivers. Sufficient intensity and uniformity of lighting does play an important role. The most important attribute in terms of road safety is to eliminate the possibility of dazzling drivers. That is why highway engineers have given preference to the luminaires of LED-SOLAR, s.r.o. The luminaires of the LED Street SII model series have been developed and are designed for illuminating various types of roads and roads. Their unrepeatable advantage is the integrated mechanical flaps for screening out parasitic light. This unique patented system of LED-SOLAR, s.r.o. has not only proven itself in road transport. Many years of excellent experience with this technical solution are in the rail transport environment.

The energy savings of more than 60% in this installation of the tunnel entrance and exit lighting are convincing proof that conventional lighting technologies should be replaced by LEDs.

Although LED-SOLAR supplied standard luminaires for street and traffic corridor lighting for this operation, the aim was to use an optical system that would ensure maximum uniformity of the distributed luminous flux.

The designers' calculations took into account the prescribed parameters of the road class and the frequency of traffic on this section of motorway, as well as the lighting requirements for the use of the camera system by which the motorway authorities monitor the traffic situation at the entrance to and exit from the tunnel.

The uniformity and intensity of the lighting was measured by qualified experts. Photo documentation of the LED lighting of the entrance and exit of the Bôrik tunnel shows that the objective has been achieved.