Modernization of public lighting in the town of Levoča using LED luminaires for road lighting was carried out with the participation of the company LED-SOLAR, s.r.o..

Levoča is a part of one of the oldest, most complete and most valuable monuments in Slovakia. Together with the Spiš Castle, the Spiš Chapter and the natural environment, it forms the most valuable, historically intact area of the medieval settlement of Spiš. In its extent, diversity and degree of preservation, it is unparalleled in the European context, as the individual parts of this ensemble have never been joined together. Spišský hrad, Spišská kapitula and Levoča have been preserved in their complete, unchanged and authentic form, forming a whole that has not been preserved in the world in such a state and type representation.

The uniqueness of the town and its surroundings were highlighted in 2009 by the inscription on the UNESCO World Heritage List under the name of the site, which reads Levoča, Spiš Castle and the associated cultural monuments.

The town's representatives pay particular attention to the care of valuable cultural and historical monuments. The aim of these activities is also the public lighting of the town. The reconstruction of the original historical lighting in the town centre and the park, in which the company LED-SOLAR, s.r.o. participated, was a significant undertaking. The company's designers developed special LED light sources for this modernisation, which were installed in the lamp housings approved by the monuments' authorities. The design columns for the historic core and the actual installation were provided by the Prešov company O.S.V.O. Prešov s.r.o..

Public lighting in the city - modernisation

The intention of the city's leadership is not only to focus on the historic core itself. For reasons of improving the quality of services to citizens, Levoča has decided to modernise the town's public lighting in stages. The total reconstruction lies on the shoulders of the lighting manager, which is the municipal enterprise Technické služby mesta Levoča. After the experience with the quality of services provided by the company LED - SOLAR, s.r.o., the Technical Services of the City of Levoča decided to invite this Prešov-based manufacturer of LED luminaires to a public tender for the public lighting of the city.

LED luminaires from Prešov

The project in its entirety consisted of the supply of luminaires for public lighting in several parts of the city. Highly reliable LED luminaires from the LED Street SII model range were used in the upgrading of road and pavement lighting. In addition to their reliability and low operating costs, the LED Street SII luminaires stand out above all for their integrated flaps for screening out parasitic light. This is of great importance in terms of traffic safety, as these LED luminaires do not dazzle motor vehicle drivers. However, it was not only a matter of replacing the luminaires of the original lighting, but also of constructing a new lighting system in the newly emerging IBV in the Za sédria area.

Today, public lighting in several parts of Levoča serves to the great satisfaction of citizens and numerous domestic and foreign visitors.


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