The modernisation of the lighting of the railway station in Košice was another significant undertaking of the management of the Regional Directorate of the Slovak Railways in Košice. Thanks to this action, the travelling public has improved again. Difficult operating conditions had to be addressed. That is why the railwaymen traditionally turned to the development and production company LED-SOLAR, s.r.o.

The actual modernisation of the lighting was preceded by preparatory work for this important event. ŽSR is an important partner for LED-SOLAR. Therefore, it is already a matter of course that LED-SOLAR, s.r.o. provides technical support to the design offices. The company's designers are available for every similar event. The modernisation of the lighting of this railway station was carried out on the basis of light-technical calculations.

Modernisation of railway station lighting - technology

The basis for the successful modernisation of the lighting of the railway area was the replacement of conventional luminaires with sodium lamps installed on the ventilation towers. Therefore, it is no coincidence that the replacement consists of the proven LED railway luminaires of the LED Rail model series of LED-SOLAR, s.r.o.  The 200 W LED Rail Line are luminaires for placement in the baskets of lighting towers. These are used for basic surface lighting of the railway area.  Finally, the lighting system is complemented by powerful LED Rail Spot directional luminaires. These are used to illuminate the area, lighting important points in the track. It is with these that we can achieve the required uniformity of space illumination.

The original luminaires with sodium vapour lamps located on freestanding railway columns have been replaced by LED Rail II luminaires. Their wattage is 80 W. The interesting thing about these luminaires is the location of the source and some types of luminaire protection in the distribution box in the column body. It is this technical solution that makes maintenance significantly easier and cheaper.


The modernisation of the lighting of the railway station in Košice brings a great feeling of an amazing night atmosphere. Nevertheless, safety is the most important benefit of any railway station lighting renovation.

Increasing the safety of the railway station's own employees was a priority. Above all, it should be emphasised here how important it is to guarantee quality lighting when performing work tasks. But the safety of passengers is an equally important priority for the Košice railwaymen.

Healthy rivalry between the regions is bearing fruit. That is why the Košice railwaymen are proud that they have again overtaken Bratislava in something. It must be said frankly that they simply do not have such lighting of the railway station there! Let's not forget the Ice Hockey World Championship. These were another reason for the reconstruction of the railway station lighting. It is clear that the beautifully lit station will surely positively appeal to all sports enthusiasts - visitors to Košice. And not only them...

LED-SOLAR employees are proud to have contributed significantly to the successful modernization of the lighting of this important railway station in the east of Slovakia. But there are more challenges ahead of them!