Pressure from customers and their high expectations led the management of Bigboard Slovensko, a.s. (today Akzent Bigboard, a.s.) to decide to solve the lighting of its advertising areas with LED lamps. The new LED billboard lighting using a special LED ramp with asymmetrical beaming brought above all quality and considerable customer satisfaction.

Conventional lighting of advertising areas

The original advertising lighting brought countless troubles for the largest Slovak operator of large-scale advertising with its technical solution. The lighting of advertising areas was mostly provided by discharge lamps. These were placed on brackets at the bottom or even at the top of the frame. The illumination of large areas of billboards and bigboards was very uneven. The overlit areas alternated with less lit areas.

This was due to the inappropriate optical system of conventional luminaires consisting of a reflector and a flat cover glass. The largely symmetrical radiation characteristics of such luminaires are the worst solution in terms of the positioning of the light sources in relation to the illuminated area. In addition to the inherent lighting quality problems, there were also operational problems. Frequent replacement of lamps takes a lot of money out of the owners' pockets to replace them. With the end of life of such a light source also comes a gradual change in the colour of the emitted light. That is why it is not a problem to see advertising lighting even today, where a large area of a billboard is illuminated by alternating clouds of cold white or warm white light, which often passes into green. For the operator, such illumination of advertising space spells absolute disaster. The reluctance of customers who demand that their advertisement glow with authentic colours can quickly and with great vigour.

It should not be forgotten that there are also many dangerous installations where luminaires placed on the upper edge of the advertising surface often intensively dazzle drivers and other road users.

LED technology for billboards

At the request of the management of BigBoard Slovensko, a.s., the designers of LED-SOLAR, a.s. developed a unique lighting system for large advertising areas. The advertising lighting consists of linear LED luminaires incorporated into a continuous lighting ramp. A special system of optical elements with asymmetrical radiation is arranged in such a way as to illuminate even very large areas perfectly evenly and with sufficient intensity. The new LED billboard lighting has not only brought unsurpassed quality and an edge over the competition to illuminate the client's hundreds of advertising areas.

Also of huge importance are the low maintenance requirements and high operational reliability, which the new LED advertising area lighting from LED-SOLAR -u excels at.


Akzent BigBoard, a.s., Bratislava