The safety of shooting and increasing the comfort of shooters was the main goal of the owners of the indoor shooting range Majer pod lesom for the assignment of the task to the designers and designers of the company LED-SOLAR, s.r.o. Special lighting of the shooting range was a big challenge, which in the final solution brought a new approach to the overall lighting of the shooting area, where powerful directional LED luminaires were used.

Previous state

The previous fluorescent lighting of the interior was not suitable and often damaged the original lighting fixtures. Frequent replacement of light tubes due to burn out or damage during firing meant significant maintenance costs for the lighting system. It also represented an increased demand on maintenance time. It was clear that the concept of area lighting of the firing area was not correct.

New concept

It was the turn of the designers of LED-SOLAR, s.r.o. to design a new solution for the special lighting of the shooting range. The change in the concept of special lighting of the shooting range brought with it fundamental changes in the layout of the lighting system. All the original luminaires were removed from the ceiling. The surface illumination was replaced by directional illumination of the target area. The light is shone from the rear towards the targets from the firing posts. Massive, highly efficient and durable industrial directional floodlights of the LED Flood SII model series with narrow beam characteristics were used. These are positioned above the firing positions. The entire lighting system for the special range lighting is designed with the safety of the shooters in mind. At the same time, this solution has eliminated damage to the LED luminaires themselves from a direct hit by a bullet or from reflected bullets.

This "theatrical" way of illuminating the target area also brings high comfort to the shooters themselves, because the targets are brightly and intensively illuminated. They are easy to "see"...

An obvious advantage of the new special lighting system is also the separate switching on of the luminaire above each shooting post. If only one booth is occupied, a single directional luminaire just above the used lane needs to be switched on. This results in considerable savings in electrical power with lower range utilisation.

At the Majer shooting range under the forest, new LED directional luminaires were not installed just for special lighting. The lighting in the shooting cabins themselves was also upgraded.

Benefits of reconstruction of special lighting

The special lighting of the Majer shooting range under the forest has also brought economic benefits to its satisfied owners. During the reconstruction, 60 pieces of 2x36 W tube luminaires were replaced by six directional LED luminaires. In addition to an extreme increase in the intensity of the lighting in the shooting area, a significant saving in electricity was also achieved. This represents up to 91% reduction of the original consumption.