The railway station in Zemianská Olča became the first place in Slovakia where new illuminated LED signs were installed to mark the name of the station, which are a new specialised product of the LED-SOLAR company. The illuminated boards do not only serve for station marking, but are the basis of a new information and orientation system.

LED boards are distinguished by the high quality of their construction materials. Compared to currently used products with tubular light sources, the high uniformity of illumination of the entire illuminated area of the header and the contrast are obvious at first glance.

Advantages of LED-SOLAR light boards

The new LED boards also have other advantages that are hidden from the eyes of the travelling public. These are primarily the strength of the construction. The simple universal mounting system is designed for both wall mounting and for hanging or standing on support posts. Of course, it also saves electricity compared to conventional products used at the same time. In some cases this can reach around 70%.

LED-SOLAR's designers also had to deal with the demanding technical and operational regulations of the Slovak Railways. One of the most important and stringent requirements for LED boards is the provision of various brightness parameters. The operational standard of the railways emphasises the flexibility of the light boards in terms of brightness adjustment for different installation locations. These boards will be installed in a variety of lighting conditions. The illuminated stations of large cities have different requirements for the intensity of the backlighting of the light boards than the darkened locations of rural railway stations without intense ambient lighting. That's why LED-SOLAR has come up with a novelty. A unique attribute of the new light boards is the possibility of controlling the intensity of the illuminated area. Therefore, according to precise brightness measurements, it is possible to adjust the intensity of each board uniquely at any of its locations.

Related services

LED-SOLAR, s.r.o. as a part of the delivery of new boards provides all its clients with related services. After the product is installed on site, the company's professional staff will come to measure the brightness parameters and, based on the measurement results, adjust the luminous flux intensity of each LED board. The service also includes a glare risk assessment if the light boards are placed perpendicular to the direction of travel of the rolling stock.

However, the new LED boards are not only intended to indicate the name of the railway station. They can also be successfully used for other purposes: marking the name of bus stations, bus stops in villages, etc. Illuminated LED boards are the basis for better services to the public.