The new LED lighting of the Shell petrol station, owned by AMM Prešov, s.r.o., Prešov has brought a new quality of shopping to the customers. The modernisation of the petrol station lighting was based on good experience with previous installations by LED - SOLAR, s.r.o. LED luminaires for the lighting of the petrol station were already installed in the exteriors prior to this order and brought an increase in the comfort of the clients when using the services of the petrol station.

General lighting standards and regulations apply to the lighting of commercial premises. LED luminaires designed for the shop with their modern optical systems allow for a variety of tasks to be taken into account when selling goods in the shop. The representatives of AMM Prešov, after deciding to reconstruct the lighting of their commercial premises, turned to the experts of LED-SOLAR, s.r.o. for the design of a new lighting system.

LED lighting of the petrol station - design

Any lighting system designed for the illumination of a service station forecourt shall meet the standard requirements for lighting in terms of fulfilling the required visual task. Responsible designers must therefore familiarise themselves with the nature of the operation and the activities and roles of the staff at each site. They are also interested in the layout of the equipment in the shop area. Equally important are the possibilities of illuminating the shop with natural daylight through windows, skylights or light ducts. Only after all these facts have been ascertained, it is possible to proceed to the actual design of the lighting project for the shop.

It is a matter of course that the staff of the design office of LED-SOLAR, s.r.o. carry out an on-site inspection of the premises before designing the lighting system. The new LED lighting of the petrol station was also the result of the information obtained from the competent operating staff and from the actual measurements of the actual lighting conditions.

Retail luminaires

LED-SOLAR's designers propose LED luminaires of several model series for shop lighting. The most preferred are the products of the LED Shape model series designed for diverse lighting according to the product mix in the store and the equipment used. It is an excellent choice and basis for interior line luminaires that can be armed with special optical systems. Compact linear systems are also suitable for the illumination of commercial areas, which LED-SOLAR can also offer in high IP65 protection.  The selection of these luminaires and the optics used are guided by the purpose of their use according to the specified requirements. In the case of this petrol station shop, the designers took into account the existing coffered ceiling. The basis of the lighting system thus consists of high-performance embedded LED RF40 LED luminaires.

Operational safety, reduction of operating costs and energy consumption were the main objectives to be achieved by the newly renovated lighting of the petrol station shop.

The user and employee comfort was also enhanced by the proposed distribution of light from the luminaires using special optics, which contributed to improved working conditions and an overall increase in safety at work. New lighting was also added in the form of linear luminaires fitted into the edges of the shelves. The illuminated goods are more prominent and the conditions are also better for reading the texts on the packaging of the products sold. However, the modernisation of the lighting in the sales area has had the greatest benefit in terms of increased customer satisfaction.

The LED luminaires for the petrol station lighting have resulted in an overall electricity saving of more than 60%.


AMM Prešov, s.r.o., Prešov