The lighting of the petrol station shelter in the premises of the Transport Company of the City of Prešov became the first step of cooperation between this important municipal enterprise and the company LED-SOLAR, s.r.o.. The Transport Company of the City of Prešov uses a number of premises for parking buses and trolleybuses, or other equipment. Quality lighting of this type of operation is considered a priority, also due to the continuous use of these premises.

Gas station shelter lighting - situation

In addition to the parking areas, there are also other operational buildings and facilities at the headquarters of the municipal transport company. These include its own petrol station. The dispensers of the service station are located under shelters. These were originally lit by sodium lamps. However, the lighting quality of this service station was not up to the required parameters. These shortcomings of the lighting of the area under the shelter were proved by control measurements carried out at night by members of the measuring group of LED-SOLAR, s.r.o. The management of the Transport Company of the City of Prešov has therefore decided to remedy this negative situation. Based on the results of the tender, LED-SOLAR, s.r.o. was asked to prepare a design for the new lighting of the fuel station shelter. LED-SOLAR's design department selected LED Industry SII model series luminaires for this installation. These are characterized by excellent protection (IP65), rigidity of construction and extremely high quality cooling. These features predestine the use of LED Industry SII luminaires even in the most demanding conditions. LED-SOLAR offers a five-year warranty on all its products.


The reconstruction of the lighting of the transport company's petrol station shelter above the fuel dispensers brought a radical increase in the intensity of the lighting of the area under the shelter. The company's management has thus contributed to an overall increase in occupational safety and visual comfort for its employees. However, operational safety was only one of the benefits of this minor investment. Last but not least, the radical reduction in maintenance costs for the luminaires should also be mentioned. Compact LED luminaires are virtually maintenance-free. No replacements of light sources and infrequent cleaning of optical parts! Of course, there is a high saving in electricity.

The professional lighting of the fuel station shelter convinced the responsible staff of the transport company of the quality of the products and the professional approach of the LED-SOLAR employees.


Transport Company of the City of Prešov