The complex reconstruction of the lighting of the petrol station of AMM Prešov, s.r.o. had the aim to increase the comfort of customers using the services of the petrol station. LED luminaires in the interior and exterior of the building were to meet the expectations of the investor and increase the attractiveness of the services provided at this petrol station, which is included in the well-known network of Shell petrol stations.

Reconstruction of petrol station lighting - LED technology

LED-SOLAR designers approached the project of reconstruction of the fuel station lighting from several aspects. There was a requirement not to change the existing power distribution system in order to reduce the investment requirement. At the same time, there was a desire to reduce electricity consumption as much as possible by additional measures.

The basis of the solution was the use of LED luminaires while complying with the technical standards for outdoor and indoor lighting. The reduction of electrical energy already on the new system was achieved by installing motion sensors in the parking lot behind the gas station building and changing the LED chips in the original shield mounting on the pump shelter.

LED Office RF LED ceiling luminaires mounted in the cassette ceiling became the basis for the shop lighting. These products of LED-SOLAR, s.r.o. are distinguished by their high specific performance and long-lasting trouble-free operation. LED linear luminaires were installed in the gables above the shelves, which significantly contributed to the illumination of the displayed goods.

The refurbishment of the petrol station lighting also saw major changes to the exterior design. Perhaps the biggest change was the LED luminaires recessed in the ceiling of the shelter. Here, high-performance LED Industry luminaires designed for harsh industrial conditions were used. Appropriately chosen optics eliminated glare for customers during vehicle refuelling.

Based on the investor's request, the lighting of the car park behind the petrol station building was solved. The use of the LED Street Slim LED luminaires was an ideal solution. The LED luminaires of this model series are designed to illuminate roadways and public spaces. They have a robust aluminium construction and are extremely reliable. In this case, they were mounted at a relatively low height on the facade of the building. Therefore, the designers of LED-SOLAR, s.r.o. specified the use of optics with extremely wide radiation characteristics. It is indeed a great advantage to use the services of LED luminaire manufacturers who are able to adapt the technical parameters of their products to the requirements designed for a specific situation, for a specific project.

Shield lighting - solution

The new solution of the linear luminaires for the illumination of the shelter's gable consisted in the use of monochromatic chips - red and yellow. This solution resulted in a significant saving of electricity and an increase in lighting intensity compared to the original installation with white LEDs.

The use of LED luminaires brought the investor a significant reduction in energy costs and maintenance of the lighting system.


AMM Prešov, s.r.o., Prešov