The Prešov Town Hall has once again earned recognition and brought joy into the hearts of the sporty Prešov citizens. The lighting of the running track with modern LED lamps in the area of the Primary School on Šmeralova Street has become a reality.

The city of Prešov has traditionally made sports grounds, which are built near primary schools, available to the general public. Prešov citizens of all age groups are happy to use them. It is worse in the evening and especially in winter, when the sports grounds become dark... At this time, these areas mostly start to live another life, which mostly has nothing to do with sport. The unlit areas are an attraction for various groups of people who, under cover of darkness, can make life unpleasant for their fellow citizens. Lighting of sports grounds is currently not a standard feature in towns and villages in Slovakia. Especially not those sports grounds that are freely accessible day and night and unsupervised.

Sports ground lighting

The beautifully landscaped and very popular oval of the running track of the Šmeralova Street Primary School is currently available to running enthusiasts day and night. This is mainly thanks to the installation of LED lights from LED-SOLAR. The new lighting of the running track has not only contributed to prolonging the time of use of the oval, but has also significantly increased safety on this previously unlit area.

Turnkey projects

The designers of LED-SOLAR, s.r.o. calculated and determined the lighting of this sports ground to the existing layout of the building, literally tailor-made. In the luminaires from the LED Street SII model series, optics were used that can ensure quality light distribution. As the running track lighting system uses LED luminaires with integrated optical louvres, there is no glare to the runners despite the relatively low columns.

Thanks to many years of experience, the staff of LED-SOLAR, s.r.o. is able to successfully cope with every requirement that each project for sports field lighting entails. Whether it is the lighting of a multi-purpose field, a football stadium, a tennis court, a swimming pool or the lighting of a running track, it is important to comply with the prescribed standards. LED-SOLAR, s.r.o. has in its production program LED luminaires for the lighting of every sports field and the design department staff is ready to provide expert advice to anyone interested.