The addition of new LED luminaires to the public lighting system in Poprad was a quick solution to ensure the lighting of a part of Slobody Street in Poprad. The city of Poprad has long struggled with the unsatisfactory state of its public lighting.

An audit of the city's lighting system pointed to technical deficiencies in the distribution lines and lighting columns, many of which are literally in a state of disrepair. Partial or complete rusting at the foot of the column was a frequent occurrence. Occasionally, lampposts were found overturned on the ground next to illuminated roads. Another problem in Poprad is the moral and technical obsolescence of the lighting fixtures. Some types of sodium lamps are more than four decades old. The age of these luminaires has contributed to the poor quality of public lighting in Poprad. Due to the gradual degradation of the optical materials used in the construction of the original sodium luminaires, the transmittance of the emitted light has been radically reduced. This ultimately results in a reduction in the intensity and uniformity of illumination of urban roads - both roads and pavements.

Requirements for the addition of public lighting

Part of the order for the addition of new LED luminaires to the public lighting system on Slobody Street included, in addition to the addition, the replacement of the original non-compliant sodium luminaires. It was also necessary to ensure the installation of the lighting columns and the provision of power supply. This also required excavation and wiring works to be carried out.

Part of the conditions of the contracting authority, the Poprad Municipal Authority, was also the requirement for the colour temperature of the emitted light. The addition of the public lighting system was therefore carried out in accordance with the tender conditions. All newly installed LED luminaires were lit up with the required chromaticity temperature - warm white - about a week after the start of the project. LED-SOLAR, s.r.o., the manufacturer and supplier of LED-SOLAR luminaires, offered Poprad its proven intelligent luminaires of the LED Smart Street model series. These luminaires are equipped, among others, with top-quality ballasts of the world renowned manufacturer Tridonic. The luminaires are already ready to communicate with the smart public lighting control system. The long-term goal of the city representatives is to build Poprad as a Smart City with all possible services to improve and simplify the lives of citizens.

Complex reconstruction and supplementation of the public lighting system solved the Municipal Office in Poprad emergency condition of the original public lighting system on Slobody Street. In addition to reducing the total cost of operation of the lighting system in terms of maintenance and electricity consumption, the modernization of public lighting brought comfort and a sense of security to the citizens.


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