General lighting standards and regulations shall apply to the lighting of storage areas, excluding the lighting of cold stores. LED luminaires for warehouse management with their modern optical systems make it possible to take into account the variety of work tasks and the goods and materials stored. The representatives of FEGA MARK, s.r.o., Ploské Ploské decided to modernise the lighting of their warehouse premises and entrusted the design of the lighting system to the professional staff of LED-SOLAR, s.r.o.

Refrigerated warehouse lighting - design

The lighting of cold stores must meet the standard requirements for lighting in terms of visual task performance. Responsible designers must therefore familiarise themselves with the nature of the warehouse operation. They must be familiar with the length of stay of employees in the storage areas and the way in which materials are stored. They are also interested in the racking systems used, their height and their layout in the space. Equally important are the possibilities of illuminating the warehouse with natural daylight through windows, skylights or light ducts. The absence of daylight radically changes the nature of the lighting system. It is only after all these facts have been ascertained that it is possible to proceed to the actual design of the project for the lighting of the warehouse space.

It is a matter of course that the staff of the design office of LED-SOLAR, s.r.o. carry out an on-site inspection of the premises before designing the lighting system. They obtain information from competent operating personnel and carry out their own measurements. And only after the actual situation has been ascertained does the actual calculation work begin.

It is obvious that it is such a responsible approach that makes the reputation of LED-SOLAR, s.r.o. and strengthens the clients' trust in the professionalism of the manufacturer.

Lamps for warehouse management

LED-SOLAR's designers propose several model ranges of luminaires for warehouse lighting. The most preferred are the products of the LED Industry model series designed for a variety of industrial applications. Another excellent choice is the basis in the interior linear luminaires of the LED Shape model series, which, when armed with special optical systems, are perfectly suited for warehouse lighting. Their selection and the optics used are guiding for the purpose of their use. LED linear luminaires with asymmetrical optics are suitable for the illumination of the front of rack storage. For more difficult conditions indoors or outdoors, LED Industry luminaires are suitable.

Safety of operation, reduction of operating costs and energy consumption were the main objectives of the reconstruction of lighting in the warehouse premises of K.O.CH.S. limited liability company Prešov. For the illumination of the freezer warehouses, luminaires from the LED Industry SII industrial programme were used.

The lighting of the freezer warehouses of the company FEGA MARK is implemented gradually in several stages. The operational reliability of the luminaires in the harsh conditions of the cold stores led the investor to replace the lighting in another warehouse. In addition to meeting the lighting standards, the aim was to ensure the visual comfort of the warehouse workers.


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