The smart lighting of the cowshed during three years without failures confirmed the correctness of the investors' decision. They have translated the most progressive breeding practices into their unique project of automated breeding of year-round cattle at the Branisko Agricultural Cooperative in Široké. The project also included a lighting system installed in the cowshed, consisting of special LED luminaires.

Progressive methods of livestock farming presuppose the use of the most modern technologies and practices. A respected objective in this field today is to achieve animal welfare. In the conditions of the Shiroko agro-farm, this has meant improving the welfare conditions of the cattle reared in various ways. Feeding, stall cleaning, bedding areas and the whole organisation of farming have been fundamentally changed. The living conditions of the year-round dairy cows and the complete service for their rearing are managed by a central computer in a fully automatic mode for a full twenty-four hours. Simulation of the daylight regime is one of its programmed functions.

Smart cowhouse lighting - development

The requirement of the project sponsor for the developers from LED-SOLAR, s.r.o. was clearly formulated: the development and production of an intelligent LED lighting system.

The engineers of LED-SOLAR, s.r.o. were approached for assistance in solving the issues of the intelligent LED lighting system. The designers were faced with the task of designing suitable special LED luminaires for the demanding operation. The harsh operating conditions are presented by high levels of cow house pollution, humidity, aggressive aerosols and a lot of dust... Dirt literally sticks to the luminaire housings in the cowhouse environment.  The layer of dirt constitutes an insulating layer that impairs the cooling of the luminaire. The special LED luminaires designed by the developers have a vertical finning design. The cooling surface of the fins is thus protected from the layering of unwanted deposits and ensures efficient chirping of the LEDs at the surface junction.

The designers from LED-SOLAR, s.r.o. have also designed the lighting system throughout the building.  The intelligent lighting of the cowshed was designed as a highly safe low-voltage system with ballasts protected in a junction box. Years of operation have confirmed the suitability of the PWM control and all the components supplied.

...and that the cows wake up with artificial light and fall asleep with the last rays of the setting artificial sun, simulated by the intelligent cowhouse lighting, thrive can be seen in the photos.