The LED lighting of the production plant in Martin is one of the links in a series of gradual steps that fulfill the corporate philosophy of ECCO.

The production plant of ECCO Slovakia, a. s. in Martin belongs to the portfolio of the well-known Danish footwear manufacturer. Since 1963, ECCO has developed into one of the leading companies in the field of footwear production. The company is known as a company supporting continuous innovation and development. The company places emphasis on the quality and comfort of its products. It invests in improving the working environment and the development of its people. ECCO does not neglect to support environmental protection activities. Such activities include the intention to replace the original lighting system with new LED lighting for the premises.

To carry out the replacement and modernisation of the outdoor lighting, the competent representatives of the production plant chose the company LED-SOLAR, s.r.o. The installation work was preceded by a visit from the LED-SOLAR design office. Their primary task was to geodetically accurately measure the columns of the lighting system for the light-technical calculation of the new LED lighting of the premises.

LED lighting of the premises - proposal

The original sodium luminaires were to be replaced by LED luminaires of the LED Street SII model series according to the design of the new lighting system. The proposal for the new LED lighting of the manufacturing plant site consists of the reconstruction of the lighting of the internal traffic roads and car parks. The lighting of the plant entrance gate area was also addressed.  The LED luminaires installed on the facade of the production hall building were designed to illuminate the loading ramps and entrances to the hall.

As part of the modernisation of the lighting system, the lighting of the huge advertising area on the side wall of the main building was also addressed. The implementation consisted of the installation of high power directional luminaires of the LED Flood SII model series.

Benefits of lighting modernisation

The LED lighting of the ECCO production plant area brought significant savings in the operating costs of the lighting system. The achieved electricity savings amount to more than 60%. The maintenance effort has also been significantly reduced. The installation of new LED luminaires with a properly specified optical system has resulted in high uniformity of the illuminated operating areas at a far higher intensity. The high quality of the illumination of the advertising area ensures that it can be easily read even from a long distance.


ECCO Slovakia, a.s., Martin