Project 2015 - title:
"Industrial research on innovative LED technologies"

Name and address of the beneficiary:
LED-SOLAR, s.r.o.
Lesnícka 2/A
Prešov 080 05

Project objectives:
Growth of the competitiveness of LED-SOLAR, s.r.o. by increasing the innovativeness of the enterprise

Project activities:

  • Research of electronic control systems, remote control and management of luminaires
  • Research on the application of new optical materials for progressive optical systems based on silicone
  • Research on advanced thermally conductive materials, optimisation of cooling, flow and radiation processes

Amount of NFA granted: EUR 92 036,20

Project location:
LED-SOLAR, s.r.o.
Lesnícka 2/A
Prešov 080 05

Start of the project: 01/2015

Project completion: 12/2015

Website of the managing authority:
Website of the intermediate body:
Operational Programme website:

EU fund: European Regional Development Fund

K stiahnutiu: Project Publicity 2015  File pdf – (310.2 kB)

Project description

The implemented project 2015 "Industrial research in the field of innovative LED technologies" was unlike previous projects of LED-SOLAR, s.r.o. exclusively focused on research activities in the field of lighting technology based on LED technology.

The staff of the strengthened development and design department focused closely on key topics related to the functional use of LED luminaires. LED technology differs significantly from conventionally used technologies in lighting technology. Therefore, it also requires diametrically different design procedures. A completely new phenomenon in the use of LEDs in lighting technology is the generation of heat during the conversion of electrical energy into light energy and the distribution of heat from the LED light source into the luminaire body and its subsequent radiation into the surrounding environment. The issue of cooling is central to ensuring trouble-free operation of an LED luminaire and has a major impact on the occurrence of potential failures and the life expectancy of the luminaire.

Optimization of the cooling procedure, research on heat flow and heat radiation was one of the main tasks of the project. The solution lies in the correct design of the heat sink, but the correct choice of the heat conducting materials from which the luminaire is made is no less important for successful cooling.In the manufacture of the final products, the research results are fully applied.The products of LED-SOLAR, Ltd. are known for their highly efficient cooling and therefore also for their high level of reliability.This is also evidenced by the low level of product complaints in the long-term operation of luminaires of this manufacturer.

Another equally important topic was the research into the suitability of using silicone-based optical systems.It is clear that this material will find its place alongside optics made of glass or plastic. Of interest is the physical and chemical stability of silicone and its possible use in demanding industrial applications.

The 2015 project was also successful in research in the field of control and management and thus predetermined further activities of LED-SOLAR, s.r.o. in the field of IoT.