An important attribute of the modernization of public lighting in the historical centre of Levoča became special LED modules, the development and production of which was provided by the Prešov company LED-SOLAR, s.r.o., manufacturer of original Slovak LED luminaires.

With the passage of time, Levoča and especially its historical centre has already seen many changes. One of the significant achievements of the city representatives is the modernisation of the historical lighting of the main square of Levoča based on design luminaires using LED modules as a light source.In the constant struggle for the satisfaction of the citizens, the City Hall has proceeded to the extensive reconstruction of the Master Paul Square. The temporary restrictions are well worth it, because the result is truly outstanding. The skilful hands of the workers of the companies involved in the reconstruction are creating a work of art that the inhabitants of Levoča and many foreign visitors are gradually beginning to enjoy. The reconstruction of the square, in addition to the roads and pavements and the replacement of the furniture, also includes the gradual replacement of the lighting fixtures as part of the modernisation of the historical lighting.

LED modules - unique technical solution

The new design columns according to the architects' design were manufactured by O.S.V.O. Prešov, s.r.o..  The lighting columns, equipped with atypical luminaires containing LED modules, are a fantastic complement to the colour of the historic centre.

The designers of LED-SOLAR, s.r.o. made a significant contribution to the success of this technical project. The new design solution is an LED light source mounted in the design housings of the new luminaires. The technical solution of the LED luminaires and the overall appearance of the new lighting system had to be adapted to the strict requirements of the monuments. One of these was the requirement that the LED light source should maintain the prescribed colour temperature of the light. The pleasant warm white not only highlights the facades of the buildings in the square, but also brings comfort to the souls of the evening visitors to the conservation area. The historic centre of Levoča has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2009. Therefore, the supervision of compliance with the required quality and design of the supplied components of the new LED system during the modernization of the historical lighting was even more stringent and demanding.

Benefits of modernising historic lighting

An essential part of the designers' task was to develop the LED modules to fit into the intended luminaire housing. Of course, the originally intended sodium sources had to be replaced by LED technology. This resulted in a saving of more than 60% compared to the originally proposed conventional concept. The LED modules were designed in two power variants. This provides the opportunity to optimise the entire public lighting system in terms of power consumption.

The modernisation of the historic square and park lighting in the historic centre is now complete. Walking through Levoca at night today, to feel the atmosphere of the centuries, is an experience that no visitor to the city should miss.


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