LED-SOLAR's designers were asked to develop new LED luminaires for retail. This was based on a business meeting with representatives of a global retail chain and representatives of LED-SOLAR, s.r.o. The assignment of the trading company, which has been operating in Slovakia and other European countries for many years, was based on a long-term negative experience with lighting systems from Asia.

The basic requirement of the client was the operational reliability of the luminaires. The new LED luminaires for retail were to form a complete model range for lighting large sales areas with different purposes. The entire segment was to include luminaires for surface-mounted, grid-mounted lighting. It was also necessary to develop directional luminaires for the illumination of different types of merchandise. Of course, the high durability, quality and reliability of the luminaires, which is a major pain point for many Asian manufacturers and suppliers, had to be a priority. Little music for little money! However, even the management of LED-SOLAR, s.r.o. is aware of the high pressure on price, which is a determining criterion for many customers. However, the developers have managed to tackle this limiting factor as well. Despite the use of high quality components from renowned world manufacturers (LEDiL, Cree,Tridonic,...) all new products have been price optimized.

LED luminaires for retail - benefits

The new LED luminaires are characterized by high utility characteristics, robustness of construction, modifiability of power and control systems. There is also the possibility of adapting the fixing brackets of the luminaires for different types of installation. The original quick-release module for both single and twin directional luminaires can be used to fix the luminaires to the U-profile grid. The directional luminaires can be equipped with optics with different beam widths according to the illumination purpose. If the client wants to build or already uses a linear track light system, the directional luminaires can also be equipped with an adapter for this type of installation.

The directional luminaires of this model series are complemented by LED linear luminaires designed for area lighting. They are also very easy to install in the ceiling grid.

LED retail luminaires from LED-SOLAR, s.r.o. represent elegance in design purity, variability and flexibility in terms of use and installation. At the same time, they will enable clients to achieve substantial savings in electricity and operational maintenance costs.

The entire range designed for lighting retail outlets has been given the name of the LED RT model range.