Stainless steel luminaires in an aggressive environment were brought by the reconstruction of the lighting in the road machinery washroom at the Mengusovce Highway Administration and Maintenance Centre. Not only the improvement of working conditions, but above all the solution of the problems with the influence of aggressive environment on the lighting fixtures and their components, led to the request of the National Motorway Company staff to the LED-SOLAR design team.  It was necessary to develop a new type of LED luminaire that would meet the demanding operating conditions. An environment where moisture shakes hands with aggressive salts and the abrasive properties of dust mixtures was a major challenge.

After more than six months of effort, a new product was born. Stainless steel luminaires for aggressive environments LED TL 27 were successfully installed in the new lighting system of the car wash designed for the maintenance of NDS vehicles and road machinery at the Mengusovce centre.

Measurement before and after installation: original condition (80-90 lx) / new condition (400-500 lx)

Stainless steel luminaires for aggressive environments - benefits

The main benefits of the new installation, besides the more than fivefold increase in lighting intensity, are. The overall increase in worker safety at work is also not negligible. The original 230 V power supply has been replaced with a safe 48 V supply voltage. The gradual degradation of the housings and components of the original luminaires is prevented in principle by the new construction of the LED luminaires.


The body of the LED TL series is made of stainless steel. Stainless steel LED luminaires are not often seen. There are a minimum of manufacturers in the world who produce all-stainless steel LED luminaires at all. The reason for this is not only the high difficulty of working with this material, but above all the extremely poor thermal conductivity. This prevents efficient cooling of the LEDs and a high risk of malfunctions. To manage the thermal management of stainless steel luminaires well is an extraordinary challenge for the design team.

The new luminaires for aggressive environments have an optical section with the possibility of variable solutions for the luminous flux emission characteristics. The optics are protected by toughened glass and the high IP of the hermetically sealed housing guarantees water and dust resistance.

The luminaire thus designed is suitable for various operations with aggressive environments in which aluminium or plastic luminaire bodies simply do not stand up.