The cooperation of the Regional Directorate of ŽSR in Košice with the company LED-SOLAR, s.r.o. started in 2015 as a sign of great trust. The new lighting of the railway station Kysak was the first permitted verification operation of LED luminaires intended for lighting of the railway area produced in the production plant of LED-SOLAR.

Previous lighting of the railway station

The previous lighting of the station in Kysak gradually became obsolete. The solution based on sodium-discharge lamps no longer corresponded to the new technological possibilities of the present time. Another serious problem was the dangerous dazzling of the drivers by the sodium ball lamps on the central platform. The obvious reason for modernising the lighting was also the high consumption of electricity with insufficient luminous flux.

LED-SOLAR, s.r.o. guarantees its partners absolute compliance of the technical solution with the applicable regulations. It was no different when designing the modernisation of the lighting of this railway station.

The design group of LED-SOLAR, s.r.o. prepared a proposal for the implementation of the gradual replacement of luminaires. This was done on the basis of identification of the most acute problems of the railway station lighting after a technical inspection and measurements of light-technical parameters.

LED station lighting at present

The first swallow of the lighting of the railway station in Kysak was the modernisation of the double-sided platform with the LED Rail Platform T model series. These replaced the old spherical discharge lighting fixtures mentioned above. This immediately eliminated the most serious problem of the insufficiently illuminated area of the most frequently used platform and the glare of the train drivers.

The products of LED-SOLAR from Prešov have proven themselves and successfully withstood the demanding conditions of railway operation. Since then, the company's designers have designed and put into practice other products of the LED Rail series specifically designed for railway station lighting. To date, step by step, LED-SOLAR has managed to create a comprehensive concept of lighting of the railway area with a group of special products designed for lighting towers, separate lighting columns, for the lighting of the track itself, covered and uncovered platforms.

Modernization of one platform in Kysak was completed by a complex reconstruction of the lighting of the whole railway station, which belongs to the important transport nodes of our railways.

The new LED lighting of the railway station in Kysak brings, besides pleasant feelings of the public, mainly the safety of passengers and operating staff.