New LED street lights have changed the night atmosphere in Becherov, which lies on the very outskirts of the Bardejov district in the immediate vicinity of the border with Poland. The picturesque village, situated in the arms of the Eastern Carpathians, has invested in awe-inspiring LED luminaires for public lighting.

The village's rich and often turbulent history dates back to the very beginning of the 15th century. The rugged beauty of the countryside and the distinctive colour of the surrounding environment are carried by the proud inhabitants in their chests. The ambitious municipal council of this small village and the young mayor strive to improve the village for its citizens with every action. They want to leave visitors with an excellent impression and a desire to return to these parts. That is why the cooperation between Becherov and LED-SOLAR, s.r.o. started years ago. . The first action carried out brought new LED street lights. The original, already inadequate public lighting consisted of LV 136 discharge lamps.

LED street lights - description

On the basis of light-technical calculations of the design department of the company LED-SOLAR, s.r.o. were recommended to the management of the municipality luminaires of the model series LED Street Slim. The luminaires of this model series were intended for public lighting as a priority. The all-aluminium body of the luminaire is an efficient heat sink. This ensures efficient cooling of the LEDs, which prolongs their declared lifetime. A warranty of five years on these highly reliable LED street luminaires is a matter of course. For public lighting in Becherov, luminaires with an input of 20 W have been used as a priority. A design feature is the mechanical louvres, which serve to prevent glare for road users.

The successfully implemented project proved that even a small municipality can afford public lighting using LED technology. In the case of Becherovo, this was done without the use of various funds. The new public lighting also brought considerable energy savings, increased intensity and improved user comfort for all citizens.

Further intentions

Satisfaction with the quality of implementation and technical characteristics of the products prompted the municipal council to further cooperation with LED-SOLAR. When gradually supplementing the public lighting system with additional LED street lighting fixtures, the cultural and historical monuments of the village - churches, memorials of the fallen,... Another intention is to illuminate the historical cemetery of soldiers killed in World War I.

The actual implementation of the lighting in Becherov has in many ways surpassed the original intention and has created some truly beautiful and romantic nocturnal corners.