Lighting of the church and modernization of the public lighting were a common and long-term intention of the representatives of the municipality Lehota to increase the comfort of services to citizens. LED luminaires from the company LED-SOLAR, s.r.o. replaced the original sodium lamps.

Several historical monuments have been preserved on the territory of the village of Lehota, which are important for the knowledge of local history in historical context. Buildings with an interesting past complete the scenery of the village and the landscape. Therefore, it is important to use the expertise of the designers in order to highlight the architectural peculiarities of the historic buildings and to enhance their beauty through proper illumination.

Illumination of the church - luminaires

The intention of the municipal council was to bring closer and beautify the landmarks of the village for its inhabitants and all those who pass through the village in day and night time.  The most important monument of Lehota is the Roman Catholic Church of St. Anne. It is a baroque-classical one-nave building with a polygonal cap and a southern extension, which was built in 1750-1755. It was reconstructed at the beginning of the 19th century and enlarged in the 20th century with an extension on the south side of the sanctuary. The tower with church bells and corner lysens is topped with a spire.

The use of modern lighting technology is commonplace nowadays. The representatives of the municipal authority decided to invite a well-known Prešov-based manufacturer of LED luminaires to a public tender for the illumination of the municipality's monuments. The quality and price of the implementation were decisive, for which a simple and effective solution was chosen. The illumination of the facade of St. Anne's Church is solved by a set of LED Flood SII series directional floodlights, which are placed in front of the facade of the building. The lighting designers sought to match the colour of the façade and the light. Therefore, warm white was chosen for the lighting of the church.

LED  luminaires from Prešov

As part of the modernisation of road and footpath lighting, luminaires for the illumination of cultural and historical monuments are often also required in villages. LED-SOLAR, s.r.o. has developed highly reliable LED luminaires from the LED Flood SII model series for this purpose. In addition to reliability and low operating costs, the LED Flood SII directional LED luminaire stands out above all due to its integrated flaps for screening out parasitic light. The luminaire can even be supplemented with additional flaps if required. This is of great importance in terms of traffic safety, as these LED luminaires do not dazzle motor vehicle drivers.

The modernisation of public lighting as well as the lighting of St. Anne's Church has brought considerable savings in operating and energy costs to the municipality of Lehota and increased the attractiveness and comfort for citizens and visitors.


Lehota Municipality