The restaurant owners of Pivárne Pod hájom undertook to provide new LED lighting for the interior of the restaurant. Twenty years of tradition in providing hospitality services and built background in the form of a regular clientele obliges! The task of the owners is to modernize the existing premises of the pub and make them attractive. The key to success is always the will and the ability to find sufficient funding.

The new LED lighting

The previous interior luminaires have become morally and technically obsolete over time. What were the reasons for replacement? What characterised the old restaurant interior lighting? The low efficiency of the previous lighting system, the mundane appearance, the consumption and the extent of maintenance required...  This forced the attention and efforts of the pub owners to make a fundamental and effective change.

Soon a fundamental decision was made. The modern and interesting look of the restaurant was to be fixed by new LED lighting fixtures from a proven Prešov manufacturer.  The restaurant owners took advantage of the free service offered by the manufacturer and supplier of the lighting system. They asked for the preparation of an overall design for the reconstruction of the restaurant's interior lighting. The work of experts - employees of the design department of LED-SOLAR brought its fruit. The submitted light-technical calculations and the overall concept of the lighting system fulfilled the investor's requirements. Among the significant benefits that contributed to the overall satisfaction of the investor are the achieved savings in electricity and almost no maintenance requirements.

The investor demanded excellence and reliability in the new system. The designers' choice fell on linear luminaires from the LED Shape product line. These interior luminaires stand out for their superior light-technical properties. The new LED lighting for the interior of the brasserie consisted of lighting the restaurant itself. The bar area was another area.

LED-SOLAR interior luminaires

LED-SOLAR interior luminaires are known for their quality and modern design. The basis of the luminaire construction is the use of aluminium profiles. In this case, the LED luminaires are cooled very efficiently. Why is this important? The LEDs operate in high operating comfort. Secondly, sufficient cooling and low supply currents guarantee an extremely long service life. This contributes to the minimisation of operating costs or the cost of further interior lighting renovation.

LED-SOLAR's LED luminaires are also quality products thanks to the branded components used, such as optics from the renowned LEDiL company or power supplies from the global manufacturer MEAN WELL.


Piváreň Pod hájom