New LED lighting of the railway station Prešov was added at the end of 2017 based on the request of the Regional Directorate of Railways of the Slovak Republic in Košice. The travelling public from Prešov and the surrounding area was pleasantly surprised by this nice gift. The LED railway luminaires of the company LED-SOLAR, s.r.o. radically changed the night view of the entire Prešov station area. The lighting of the platforms has changed radically.

The reconstruction of the lighting was carried out with modern LED railway luminaires of the LED Rail model series. These stand out not only for their robustness of construction and high light output, but above all for their high reliability. LED luminaires of LED-SOLAR, s.r.o. are already proven on Slovak railways for years and are slowly becoming a technical standard.

As the representatives of the company - proud local patriots - revealed, the new LED lighting of the railway station was a gift for them as well. Prešov was the first city where a comprehensive replacement of old light sources with new LED railway luminaires took place, ours, from Prešov...

New LED lighting of the railway station

The upgraded LED railway area lighting uses the full range of the LED Rail model range. The LED Rail Platform luminaires in S and T variations are designed to illuminate both single and double-sided platforms. They are mounted on uncovered platforms on columns with a height of 5 to 6 metres. An important feature is that they use a patented system of mechanical flaps to prevent glare on the drivers.

The difference in lighting quality is obvious at a glance. The new LED platform lighting, characterised by its high intensity and uniformity, contributes not only to the overall well-being of passengers, but above all to their safety.

The working conditions for employees have also changed for the better. The newly installed LED lighting on the lighting towers has significantly improved the comfort and safety of station staff when working in the track at night. The basis for the overall LED lighting of the railway station in Prešov is a system of eight lighting towers. From a height of 25 metres, the entire area is illuminated by LED railway luminaires of the LED Rail Line. These are intended for basic area lighting. They are complemented by powerful LED Rail Spot directional luminaires, which illuminate significant points in the track. They are also used to cover defects in the uniformity of the illuminated space.