At the exit of the Branisko tunnel, a fascinating view of the panorama with the mighty castle hill of Spiš Castle opens to everyone coming to Spiš from Šariš. The experience is much stronger at night, when the illuminated castle transforms into a huge mythical ship floating in the blackness of the endless ocean.

The night view of this corner of Spiš changed radically at the beginning of this year. The area of the NDS centre in Beharovce began to struggle for the interest of passers-by with the historical monument listed by UNESCO, which emerged from its previous anonymity with the reconstruction of the lighting. ENGIE Services, a.s., Košice branch, took on the burden of the arduous winter replacement of luminaires, installing luminaires from the LED Street SII model series of LED-SOLAR, s.r.o. in Prešov.

Low energy consumption, negligible maintenance, several-fold increase in the intensity of lighting of the premises, intersection and access roads, but especially the magical view of the workplace at night is worth it!