The municipality of Dulova Ves

decided to build a safe pedestrian crossing in the Vlčie doly section. The new crossing uses LED luminaires from the nearby production plant of LED-SOLAR, s.r.o. For pedestrians - citizens of the village, this traffic construction has brought a significant increase in safety when moving along a dangerous and very busy road.

The actual construction of the pedestrian crossing was preceded by a visit of the LED-SOLAR, s.r.o. design team to the site of the future installation. Carrying out a site survey and measurements are key to the design of a technically correct lighting system for each crossing. High-quality pedestrian crossing technical designs require the consideration of several factors in the design process.

Safe pedestrian crossing - key factors for design

These are mainly the width of the road, pavements and possible boarding areas, the possibility of placing columns separately for each direction of travel of motor vehicles, the availability of electricity supply. An important factor is also the determination of the class of the road and the assessment of the public lighting system located in the vicinity of the pedestrian crossing. Consideration should also be given to any obstructions that would pose a risk to the proper functioning of the pedestrian crossing. This may be vegetation, such as tree canopy lining the road in the vicinity of the proposed crossing. These could screen the light from the luminaires located on the booms. Advertising equipment or various utility lines running across the road at the point of installation may also be a problem. Once all the necessary data has been collected, the designer can proceed with the actual preparation of the project documentation.

The project documentation must take into account and light-technical calculations. For LED pedestrian crossings to be equipped with special luminaires from LED-SOLAR, s.r.o., the light-technical calculations are supplied free of charge by the manufacturer as part of the sales support for its products.

The luminaires designed for pedestrian crossings from the design workshop of LED-SOLAR, s.r.o. are characterised by several specific features. The radiation characteristic of the optical system used by the renowned world manufacturer LEDiL is asymmetrical. In principle, the LED luminaires on the booms must not tilt. The illuminating surface of the luminaire shall be parallel to the illuminated road surface. The correct beam angle is thus ensured by the asymmetric optics themselves.

LED Cross luminaires with special asymmetric optics were used for the crossing in the village of Dulova Ves in the Vlčie doly section.

The new safe pedestrian crossing was built on the basis of the approved project documentation and is located in the area of the bus stop.


Dulova Ves Municipality