The owner of a family house in the village of Dulova Ves in the Vlčie doly section requested to light up the training area near the family house. The lighting of the playground was to enable the use of the training area even at night.

The area in question is adjacent to another individual housing development. Therefore, one of the installation conditions was to ensure that the new lighting system would not glare and illuminate the neighbouring properties. The designers of LED-SOLAR, s.r.o. Prešov used their experience in designing lighting systems for sports grounds and determined all lighting parameters based on lighting standards. Taking into account all the requirements of the investor and based on the lighting - technical calculations, they prepared the basis for the implementation of the construction of the playground lighting for training purposes.

The decisive moment for the design of the lighting of the training area was the quality of the goal area lighting so that the small shooters are not dazzled when practicing penalty kicks. Of course, the intensity and uniformity of the lighting of the training area in other parts had to meet the basic parameters.

Playground lighting - solution

The solution was to place modified LED Street SII model series luminaires of sufficient power on grounded poles with a height of 6 metres in the corners of the sports ground. The LED Street SII Series luminaires are primarily intended for road and sidewalk lighting. Mechanical flaps are already incorporated in the luminaire housing design of this model to screen out parasitic light produced by the LED light sources. This patented technology prevents glare. In order to 100% prevent the illumination of neighbouring properties, the luminaires have been additionally slightly rotated on the short booms. At the end of the training area, an additional powerful luminaire with a wide characteristic was placed on the façade of the house at a sufficient mounting height. This ensures that the training area opposite the goal is illuminated to achieve the required uniformity and intensity.

The total consumption of the LED lighting system at the set requirements of the training program is indeed negligible. The total power consumption of the system does not exceed 300 W.

The new LED lighting of the training area at the family house was a good idea. It allows the active sports children of the investor to improve their football skills outside the training hours spent in the football club. Outside of sports activity time, the property owner also uses this pitch lighting for other family and social activities on the green space of his lawn.