The lighting of the garden behind one of the family houses in  Dulová Ves in Vlčie doly troubled the designers of LED-SOLAR, s.r.o. in Prešov. Although there are no directives for garden lighting, it is often difficult to do a good job. It requires patience and a good idea.

The specificity of the design task is also underlined by the circumstances of the installation site. In this case, not very suitable locations for the placement of the luminaires were a major drawback. The property owner's requirement was not to interfere structurally with the garden space. No lighting columns or the façade of the house were to be used to install the luminaires. The new façade could not be interfered with due to the routing of the supply cable.

The solution for garden lighting

The designers' conclusion was clear. Lighting of the garden at the family house can only be realized by placing a set of luminaires in the construction of the terrace shelter and the roof of the house above the pavement. Only here could the supply cable be concealed so as not to cause a disturbance. Worse, the height of the luminaires was limited by the lower edge of the shed roof, which was less than two metres high. The positioning of the LED luminaires was therefore clear. The optics still had to be adjusted to achieve sufficient uniformity. The lighting of the garden included, in addition to illuminating the relatively wide grassed area, the lighting of the taller vegetation planted in the lines of the edge of the plot by the fences. It was also desired to illuminate the ornamental shrubs and trees located on the lawn area without the use of directional luminaires.

The design department of LED-SOLAR, s.r.o. made several essential requirements for the design of the luminaires intended for the lighting of the garden area. The designers developed atypical luminaires for this case based on the profile of the original Street Slim. Single row asymmetric optics from the Finnish company LEDiL were installed in it. These provided 100% of the required light distribution.

The garden is an oasis of peace. All its living and non-living attributes should look good at night. That is why LEDs with a warm white light output were used to illuminate the garden area at the investor's house. These beautifully highlighted the greenery of the lawn, trees and shrubs.