Lighting of the locksmith's workshop was a project aimed at replacing and modernizing the lighting of the metalworking shop of Mr. Vladimír Marton from Šarišské Michaliany.

Mr. Marton's Kovmart locksmith shop is focused on various ways of processing metal material. In this metal fabrication they are engaged in artistic forging and welding craft. In the premises of the locksmith's workshop, larger units such as wrought iron railings, wrought iron fences, wrought iron gates designed for exteriors are made. Interior accessories consist of ornamental wrought iron products (candlesticks, chandeliers...), wrought iron bars, wrought iron furniture (beds, tables, chairs), fireplace sets. Various wrought iron semi-finished products for further processing are also produced to order.

Requirements for lighting locksmith

Locksmithing lighting is considered at the level of several types of activities in terms of lighting standards. A blacksmith's or locksmith's shop needs between 200 and 300 lx for standard workspace lighting for simple basic forging and metalworking activities. For more complex and delicate assembly work, 500 to 750 lx is also required. The uniformity of the work area lighting should not be forgotten either. The positioning of the luminaire system for the lighting of the locksmith's workshop work area must be such that the workers do not shade the workpiece when working in any position. The robustness and resistance of the luminaires to possible impacts should be a matter of course.

In addition to meeting the standards for lighting in the locksmith's workshop, the designers' goal was to ensure the visual comfort of the workers working in this multifunctional space. The choice of appropriate LED luminaires was appropriate to the demanding nature of the designated workspace.

For the design of the new lighting system, the design office of LED-SOLAR, s.r.o. selected LED luminaires of the LED Industry SII model series. These robust and reliable products are designed primarily for use in industrial production. The design of the luminaire body allows for highly efficient cooling even at higher outputs.  The variability of the mounting method allows them to be used in any space.

In addition to the fixed system of industrial LED luminaires, portable LED luminaires complement the lighting of the locksmith's workshop. Portable LED luminaires belong to the standard offer of LED-SOLAR, s.r.o. The robust and high-performance work luminaire is designed to withstand the harsh conditions of industrial production and rough handling. It is positionable and features high fixing flexibility. It can be positioned on a stand, suspended from a chain, screwed and screwed onto various surfaces. It is also possible to attach it to a metal substrate using the strong magnets installed in the U-bracket of this LED luminaire.


Locksmith, Šarišské Michaľany