The lighting of the car park was another investment that BEKER-MP, s.r.o. from Prešov contributed to increase the safety and comfort of drivers and visitors of the company. LED luminaires from LED-SOLAR, s.r.o. of the LED Street SII model series became the basis of the technical solution.

Car park lighting - technical solution

The company management's requirement was to save as much electricity and operating costs as possible for this outdoor lighting while maintaining maximum safety for road users. LED-SOLAR's designers proposed an operating mode that met all the investor's expectations. The LED luminaires equipped with programmable modules were set so that after dark the luminaires in the entire lighting system would light up to a programmed value of approximately 50% of the light output. On any movement detected by the motion sensor, the luminaires will light up to full power.

The luminaire bodies are mounted on steel brackets directly on the façade of the building along which the illuminated car park is situated.

Model series LED Street SII

LED Street SII luminaires are a proven and popular product of LED-SOLAR. They are designed for public lighting, illumination of roads, sidewalks, pedestrian crossings and public spaces. The excellent light-technical properties of the luminaires are due to the high quality components used. Finnish LEDiL optics and American CREE LEDs are the basis for trouble-free operation. The luminaire body is made of extruded anodised aluminium. This extremely mechanically resistant and efficient heat sink contributes to the operating comfort of the built-in electronics.

Mechanical flaps against glare for motor vehicle drivers are also an integrated part of the luminaire body, which is a significant contribution to increasing road safety.

Although the lowest wattage luminaires - 23W - were used to illuminate the parking lot of BEKER, s.r.o., the entire system also makes a significant contribution to public lighting on the street. The design of the luminaires corresponds well with the building itself and complements the appearance of the industrial building.

After installing the lighting system, the designers of LED-SOLAR, s.r.o. carried out measurements of light-technical parameters at the installation site and checked the functionality of the motion sensors. The measured results confirmed the designed parameters and the building was handed over to the satisfied investor.


BEKER-MP, s.r.o.