The LED wine cellar lighting for the upcoming comprehensive renovation of the wine cellars was to contribute to the goal of making the overall space more attractive by using directional spotlights. A major producer of this divine beverage from western Slovakia not only cares about the quality of the wine. For tastings and other events, the emphasis is also on an environment in which the wine enthusiast must feel comfortable.

The intention was clear. The overall attractiveness of the wine cellar area, where the new LED lighting should not only help the architectural elements to stand out. It was also important to highlight and appropriately present some parts of the equipment, such as wine barrels, display shelves with bottles, jugs, etc..

After inspection of the space, consultations and clear definition of the client's requirements, a model of the new luminaire was created in the design office of LED-SOLAR, s.r.o. With its utility characteristics and design, it fully met the specification.

Description of the luminaire design for LED wine cellar lighting

The aluminium profile, which is fixed to the ceiling by a cable suspension, houses the electronics and the power supply. The adjustability of the cable suspension allows different suspension heights to be selected depending on the nature of the room. At the bottom of the profile there are four individually directional reflectors from Ledvance. The directional LED luminaires can be supplied in several power variants. The luminaire is ready for production in several power variants in any colour to naturally complement the environment at the installation site.

Variability of use

The newly designed LED luminaires were further worked with by the employees of the design office LED-SOLAR, s.r.o. who incorporated them into the conceptual design of the new lighting system and prepared the calculation and graphic part of the lighting study. The visualization of the illuminated space attracted the client and managed to bring him closer to the expected result of the lighting reconstruction. The directional spotlights met the assumptions.

The new luminaire is not intended exclusively for LED lighting of the wine cellar. In fact, its use is very broad. It is attractive for commercial establishments to highlight the products sold, as well as for restaurants or cafés. Its directional spotlights can also be used to highlight architectural details and works of art in galleries and museums.